Chest Workout For Beginners | Wikifit

Chest Workout For Beginners | Wikifit

Chest workout for beginners is important but many of you don't know the what is the exercise or which type of exercise is best for beginners and as well as other many people search about how to get bigger chest, best exercise for chest and which exercise is best for chest i already tell you about the routine for the exercise click here to checkout first 

Chest Workout For Beginners | Wikifit

First we discuss about how many exercise we do name of the exercise and then we discuss in detail one by one
  1. Push Ups

  2. Pull Ups

  3. Flat Bench Press

  4. Incline Bench Press

  5. Dumbbell Press

  6. Butterfly

Chest Workout For Beginners | Wikifit
We Don't suggest more than 6 exercise of beginners for now we explain one by one.

Push Ups

Push ups is mandatory in for all exercise i personally used push ups and pull ups both in everyday and its beneficial for our upper body strength which includes the triceps, pectoral muscles and as well as shoulder also and if we do with proper form then it also beneficial for lower back.

Pull Ups

Pull ups is also mandatory in for all exercise if doing any exercise weather it is chest, biceps, back etc. you have to perform both push ups and pull ups everyday. Pull ups is beneficial for upper body strength which includes shoulder, abs, weight loss, grip intensity and many more so, perform push ups and pull ups everyday.

Flat Bench Press

Flat bench press is for chest basically which improves the upper body and other muscles like increase bone health and it's also effective for triceps if we do close flat bench press and also useful for pectoral minor as well as major muscles.

Incline Bench Press

Incline bench press is also for your upper body and for your chest workout and it is a variation of traditional flat bench press which place on 45 degree angle this also useful for increasing size of chest and also for various muscles on your upper body.

Dumbbell Press

Dumbbell press exercise helps you to increase your hypertrophy muscles and strength and this is also for your injury and training of joint angle and also increased the unilateral strength and development and also helps you the stabilization of your joint muscles.


Butterfly exercise helps you in various things like optimal stimulation of the chest and it also engage the anterior shoulder and it is pressured based exercise and its very helpful for you your chest.

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