Benefits Of Sleeping | Quantity Vs Quality Sleeping | Wikifit

Benefits Of Sleeping | Quantity Vs Quality Sleeping | Wikifit

Benefits of sleeping are the topic which neglects many times because people only think about their workout and diet to be fit but what they neglect is sleeping and this is a very important topic because sleeping is also two types according to me first is quantity sleeping and second one is quality sleeping we will discuss both of them one by one and what is the major difference between both of them.

Benefits Of Sleeping | Quantity Vs Quality Sleeping | Wikifit

First, we discuss about the benefits of sleeping then we discuss about the difference between quantity and quality sleeping.

Benefits of sleeping

There are so many benefits of sleeping like sleeping reduces the stress which is most important in today's life because so many people are the victim of stress and they are not physically as well not mentally fit to reduce the stress level sleep well. Sleeping can improve your memory which is also important because many children can't memorize their school books and also there are lots of problems so sleep well this will help you to improve your memory. Sleeping also helps you to maintain your weight if you want to gain weight so get the proper diet and also proper sleep. now the problem is, is quantity sleeping is sufficient or not because according to me quantity sleeping doesn't help you quality sleeping help you better and now we discuss about the difference between the quantity sleeping and quality sleeping. 

Difference between quantity sleeping and quality sleeping

What is quantity sleeping and what I mean about the quantity sleeping? quantity sleeping is basically when we sleep we do not sleep properly we thinking about anything and we also eat just before the sleeping which is not good we just giving the sleeping time or in my language quantity sleeping and quality sleeping is different from the quantity sleeping because in this we  are sleeping in proper form and we have to dinner about one and half hour before sleeping and get proper sleep is quality sleeping and also help you in all the benefits of sleeping and now you have to check which type of sleep you actually do if you do quantity sleeping just change to quality sleeping which is more beneficial for you.


To conclude this topic I am just saying that sleeping is also important to your fitness and workout helps you to only physically fit but sleeping helps you in both physically and mentally fit and also do yoga this also helps you to fit mentally as well as physically. If you have any query related to any fitness topic feel free to contact us or you can ask any question in our comment we surely reply you

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